Spine related problems are becoming increasingly common in our society. With advancements in technology and medical facilities we are able to treat spinal problems with increasing efficiency. This website is an effort by Dr SP Nagariya to guide you in your understanding of common spine pathologies.

Meet the Minimally InvasiveSpine Surgeon

Dr Suryaprakash Nagariya

Endoscopic Spine Surgeon

Dr Suryaprakash Nagariya is a Consultant Spine Surgeon at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre Indore. He has received extensive and specialized training in treating spinal disorders from Cider-Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles,USA, Universitatklinikum Magdeburg Germany, Arcus Clinic, Pforzheim, Germany and Lilavati Hospital Mumbai. You can be confident that with Dr. Nagariya extensive experience your well-being are in the capable hands of a highly skilled Orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Nagariya strives to treat his patients with an honest, straightforward, and caring nature in a safe and comfortable environment. read more